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Cookpanion® Pro is a sophisticated tool for brands and businesses looking to enhance their Facebook page and further engage their fans. Publish your unique food content right on Facebook; customize your recipe tab to create a tailored user experience; allow fans to interact with your content via likes, comments and shares; and watch as your recipes are bookmarked, integrated into grocery lists, and added to meal plans by your page fans.

ENGAGE Your Facebook Fans

Looking for a way to take your Facebook page to the next level? By integrating powerful Cookpanion® recipe management tools into your page, you can publish and share unlimited food content with your fans! Fans can access your recipes via a simple “Recipes” tab on your page; from there, watch as your content gains comments, sparks discussions, and gets spread across the Facebook social network.

Let your Recipes go VIRAL

With 1.31 BILLION monthly active users, Facebook is an invaluable platform for promoting your brand and growing your audience. Cookpanion® recipes utilize a Facebook-universal format that is built specifically for engagement and sharing. Likes, comments, and shares will accrue naturally in an environment where these actions are second-nature to its users, and recipes will flow freely from fans to friends, quickly reaching the top of users’ news feeds.

Create a UNIQUE User Experience

Control selective content on your Cookpanion® Profile to create a tailored user experience and form lasting relationships with fans. Optional profile components include a rotating slider for highlighting special content; featured recipe lists, menus, and meal plans; a live recipe feed and discussion topics for fans. Even highlight how-to videos and food articles! Tell YOUR brand story YOUR way.

Push your BRAND

Encourage brand awareness by sponsoring recipes and creating branded ingredients. Recipes are at the heart of the Cookpanion® app; sponsoring this content pushes it to the top of users’ recipe feeds, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your name known and route users back to your page. Similarly, by attaching your brand name to specific ingredients, you can ensure that YOUR unique product makes it onto users’ grocery lists.

Keep tabs on Fan Activity

Cookpanion® Stats provide you with detailed information on profile and follower activity in a given time frame, including sharing activity, recipe views, Facebook likes, new follows, and more. Knowing how and when your fans are engaging with your content can give you valuable insight as to how your audience is responding to your brand, and can help you reach out to them in new and compelling ways.

Keep your fans COMING BACK

Alert fans the instant you publish new content, and ensure that this content never disappears! The Cookpanion® app pushes your recipe notifications to the Facebook level, catching users’ attention and linking them directly to your recipes tab. Advanced search features right on your Cookpanion® profile ensure that recipes can always be found and accessed after the initial publication, and users’ bookmarking tools allow them to save permanent links back to these recipes.

Publish & Promote Recipes and MORE

The Cookpanion® app offers an easy step-by-step recipe adder that lets you import and publish your recipes in a snap. Have all your recipes online already? Great! Just use our recipe clipper bookmarklet or enter the page URL and we’ll do our best to transfer your content over into our unique recipe format. But it doesn’t stop there. Cookpanion® Pro lets you publish and promote meal plans, menus, cooking how-tos, food-related articles, recipe contests, videos, and more!


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