Valentine’s Day is upon us! It’s a glorious time of champagne, chocolate, and strawberries covered in chocolate.

I, however, join the ranks of single folks and am celebrating accordingly. In other words, I’ll chow down on some delicious takeout from whatever happens to have the quickest estimated delivery time. For me, takeout is an act of love and self-compassion. I’m pretty sure that definition of takeout can be found somewhere on the Internet (especially if self-referenced material counts).

Valentine’s Day is also a time where we can appreciate one another, single or not. While I’m throwing my feet up and ordering food Sunday night, I’ll have made a batch of cookies for the coworkers beforehand. I invite you to join me in bringing some cheer to your office through these quick cookie recipes that alleviate the Monday grind.


1. Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies by Kitchen Monki

Perfect for dietary restrictions and healthy lifestyle choices.

These are what I’m making. I score points with both my roommate and coworkers by going the gluten-free route.


2. Chocolate Chip Cookies by Amanda Gross

Classic and essential.

No one will scoff at the classic. This is the perfect choice for all around fun and good times.


3. Peanutty Valentine Cookies by Kathleen Kwiecien

Cook with love (and hearts).

Now is the time to take advantage of the surplus of heart shaped chocolates. Add in peanut butter and you’ve got a dangerous friend maker.