Happy December! It’s amazing how quickly the holiday season snuck up on us! It seems like within a couple days my social calendar has reached it’s capacity, my bank account has begun dwindling, and the frequency with which I visit amazon.com has increased by at least 400%. Not to mention the number of cookies, breads, dips, and bottles of wine traveling in and out of my kitchen is alarming. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Below is a compilation of gift ideas fit for the foodie or home cook in your life. I’ve taken care to list only top-rated products, as well as items in a number of categories and price ranges. Hope you find something for everyone on your list!

For the Baker

Customizable Cookie Stamp
Interchangeable letters, numbers, and symbols offer endless possibilities for personalized treats.
$15 | uncommongoods.com

Typhoon Novo Kitchen Scale
This retro-inspired kitchen scale is sleek and stylish, with a deep glossy red color and stainless steel accents.
$64 | amazon.com

Color Me! Cookies
What’s better than eating cookies? Coloring and designing them first! Cookies come in a reusable tin that keeps them fresh for up to 2 months.
$40 (10 cookies and 5 markers) | elenis.com

Artisanal Caramel Sauce
This Portland-based company makes high quality, silky smooth caramel sauces in flavors like lavender, habanero, and whiskey. Try on ice cream, pound cake, or even waffles!
$10 | almachocolate.com

Smoked Chocolate Chips
This unique treat is the result of cold-smoking organic semisweet chocolate over alder wood for 10+ hours. Try in classic chocolate chip cookies or ganaches, or go savory with a mole sauce or pork rub.
$15 | getyourhotcakes.com

For the Entertainer

Bread Warmer
Slide this beautiful terra cotta plate under bread to keep it warm at the dinner table. Where has this been all my life?!
$15 | uncommongoods.com

Aboro Tart Platter
This stunning contemporary platter is perfect for serving show-stopping delicacies, or just adorning your dining room. The craftsmanship and quality inherent in the Bernardaud brand make this porcelain art piece worth the price.
$245 | bernardaud.com

Brass Trivets
These brass trivets conjure up images of stars and galaxies. The brass is bright and shiny and will naturally and beautifully oxidize with use. They are produced by a Japanese company that has been forging brass for over a century.
$81 | mjolk.ca

Gilded Rim Glassware
Talk about classy. These ultra-thin, rose tinted glasses with delicate gold details would make a stunning addition to any bar or dining table.
$22 | anthropologie.com

Jamón Ibérico
Iberico ham, known as “the treasure of Spanish cuisine,” will surely please any charcuterie expert. Try this beautiful pre-sliced variety for instant eat-ability.
$20 | tienda.com

For the Cocktail Enthusiast

Cocktail Spices
Inspired by the classic Bloody Mary recipe, mixologist Jim Meehan worked with spice genius Lior Lev Sercarz to create this line of cocktail blends. “They make the drink,” he says.
$45 | laboiteny.com

Mini Bitters Set
This small set of bitters from Berg & Hauck lets you make great cocktails anywhere.
$31 | kegworks.com

Spherical Ice Cube Trays
Mixologists like using big, round pieces of ice for spirits served straight, because they melt slowly and won’t water down drinks. New York’s Museum of Modern Art sells a tray for mixologist wannabes that produces two-inch-wide spheres.
$18 | momastore.org

Rocks Glass
All whiskey lovers should have a Nate Cotterman tumbler in the freezer. The glass cube inside keeps your whiskey ice cold without watering it down.
$90 | natecotterman.com

Liquid Intelligence
In Dave Arnold’s world, the shape of an ice cube, the sugars and acids in an apple, and the bubbles in a bottle of champagne are all ingredients to be measured, tested, and tweaked. Liquid Intelligence brings readers behind the counter and into the lab.
$22 | amazon.com

Mixology Dice
Roll the dice to create new flavor combinations with ingredients in eight categories, including spirits, fruit and spice.
$24 | shopspring.com

Carry-On Cocktail Kit
This TSA-approved cocktail kit provides everything you need to mix two proper Old Fashioneds, Gin and Tonics or Moscow Mules at 30,000 feet.
$24 | anthropologie.com

Glacial Ridge Cocktail Pitcher
The perfect addition to that Pinterest-inspired bar cart you’ve been working on.
$36 | anthropologie.com

For the Coffee/Tea Lover

Coffee and Tea Sugar Notch Set
An adorable way to serve your guests sugar with a delicious cup of coffee or tea.
$18 | uncommongoods.com

Tracy Stern Iced Tea
Tracy Stern Tea & Co. specializes in blends for iced tea. The oolong lychee is so complex and delicious you’ll want to brew it even on a cold, wet day in March.
$20 | tracysterntea.com

Capresso Cool Grind Blade Grinder
Preserve the flavor and aroma of your coffee with the stainless steel blade and beaker that keep heat build-up to a minimum when grinding.
$30 | surlatable.com

Blue Bottle Travel Coffee Kit
This stylish and compact kit is a must for any coffee snob who never stays in one place for long.
$179 | bluebottlecoffee.com

Espresso Tamper
As adorable as espresso spoons are, your home barista really doesn’t need another set. These customizable coffee tampers from Reg Barber perfectly pack and distribute espresso grounds, and are a favorite among competitive baristas.
$64 | coffeetamper.com

For the Adventurous Eater

The Flavor Thesaurus: A Compendium of Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for the Creative Cook
As appealing to the novice cook as to the experienced professional, The Flavor Thesaurus is a globetrotting collection of flavor pairings as told by a writer with a discerning palette and an entertaining, original voice.
$18 | amazon.com

Global Olive Oils
Eliunt’s olive oils—sold in black-glass bottles that block sunlight—range from fruity Lebanese to nutty Portuguese.
$130 (10 2-oz bottles) | theingredientfinder.com

Squid Ink Spaghetti
Filotea’s dried pasta from Italy has the tender texture of fresh-made.
$19 | marxfoods.com

Kitchen Curry Master Spice Kit
An Indian pantry at your fingertips, the Curry Master sends you all of the hard-to-find spices you need to develop the complex flavors of a rich curry or an authentic aloo gobi.
$60 | kitchencurrymaster.com

Solstice Canyon Cardmom & Clove Almond Butter
This is almond butter as you’ve never had it before: raw; stone-ground; and blended with coconut, sea salt, and an array of chai spices including clove, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon.
$9 | bohem.com

For the DIYer

Hard Cider Kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop
Take full advantage of that abundance of fresh apples in your CSA with this super-easy cider kit.
$40 | brooklynbrewshop.com

Tofu Making Kit
Ever wonder how soybeans become tofu? Find out first hand by making a one-pound brick of the vegetarian staple from scratch using this DIY tofu kit.
$19 | uncommongoods.com

Cheese Curds
Caputo Brothers curds help make chef-quality mozzarella at home.
$24 | saxelbycheese.com

Pizza Stone
Weber’s ceramic pizza stone absorbs moisture to make perfectly crispy pizzas and can be used on a charcoal or gas grill. You’ll never order pizza again, trust me.
$35 | homedepot.com

The FareTrade Subscription
Rockstar chefs curate monthly packages of their favorite artisanal food products, along with recipes for how to use them. This month’s box features items like curry pumpkin pesto sauce and wild mayhaw jelly.
$65/month | thefaretrade.com

And More!

Rotary Peeler
The Rotary Peeler from Joseph Joseph has three blades—regular, serrated and julienne—so it saves space in your utility drawer. The julienne blade alone is worth the price.
$12 | josephjoseph.com

Miniature Cast Iron Skillet
This diminutive version of Lodge’s winning cast-iron skillets comes preseasoned, just like its big brothers. The miniature size is great for playful, single serving breakfast presentations.
$12 | lodgemfg.com

Tea Towels
Rustic modern tea towels are artistically photo printed with animals like the horned elk.
$25 | huset-shop.com

Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Plank Set
Wine infused, richly colored planks, impart flavor into the food you’re grilling.
$12 | uncommongoods.com

The KitchenAid Spiralizer is perfect for any foodie with a gadget itch. In addition to cutting fruit and veggies into long ribbons, the attachment also peels, cores and slices.
$100 | kitchenaid.com

Formaticum Cheese Paper 
Good cheese itself is one of life’s little luxuries, so it’s a shame to let it dry out wrapped in plastic. This specially made cheese paper lets cheese breathe. We love the illustrated goat/cow/sheep label indicators, too.
$8 | amazon.com

Kitchen Hacks Book
Instant aged bourbon? Two-ingredient chocolate magic shell? These hacks and more are revealed in this nifty little book!
$12 | amazon.com

Hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought (no pun intended) when it comes time to make those holiday shopping lists! Until next week, loves!

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